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Anxiety—excessive worry, unexpected panic, sweating, trembling or shaking shortness of breath or smothering feelings

Depression—difficulty concentrating, easily fatigued and low energy, irritable, feelings of hopelessness, feeling overwhelmed

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)—repetitive behaviors-checking, excessive worry or compulsions, intrusive thoughts that cause anxiety

ADD/ADHD—inattentive, difficulty completing tasks or focusing, organizational difficulties, often forgetful, hyperactive or impulsive

Adolescent Development—identifying the shift from childhood and its challenges, high school relationships, dating, stress with academics

Communication Problems—not knowing what to say to others, how to get your point across, difficulty understanding the other person, poor listening skills, feeling stuck

Divorce / Adjustment – setting new goals for self, how to keep communicating with the other adult in a positive manner, discussion with children, setting boundaries

Medical Illnesses —medical diagnosis that is ongoing, from Cancer to chronic fatigue, finding ways to live your life in a healthy manner with the illness

Grief and Loss-loss of a relationship, job, or transitions in life, death of a family member or loved one, fear of death

Caregivers Issues-- feeling overwhelmed and lonely in the caregiving role

Trauma—exposed to or witnessed a traumatic event, intense fear, helplessness, intrusive thoughts, replaying the movie, avoidance of the place or people that arouse the memory

Coping skills / Stress—feeling overwhelmed, frozen in decision making

Anger control –unable to control anger, impulsive responses

Relationship issues—struggling to get along with others 

Family problems—not knowing how to cope with family dynamics, raising children, spousal support in decision making, understanding family members

Life Transitions – moving through adulthood from college to single life, new career change, marriage shifts, raising children, getting along with adult children

PTSD – Posttraumatic stress disorder

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Dr. Marge Joehnk, Psy#15559
Dr. Marge Joehnk is a psychologist located in Walnut Creek, California.

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